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Inspect Before You Buy

Are you planning to buy a home? If so, allow me to give you a free advice that will save you thousands of dollars.

Buying a home is for most people the biggest investment that a person will ever make in his or her life, in fact, most people get pretty scary and anxious during the days that proceeds the date to sign all the paperwork.

Because buying a home is such a great step in any one's life, those who are taking such step want to go through a great experience and not, on the other way around, however, when buying a home, the future homeowner must be well prepared for everything that comes with the new title of ownership.

Most homeowners when buying a new home, rely on the experts to take care of all the procedures and, for the most part, the professionals do great in performing their duties but, not everything is perfect.

Allow me to talk about one particular item, in fact, it is one of the most important item when purchasing a home. It is called "home inspection".

Home Inspection:

If I am not mistaken, most of you will ask, what is so important about home inspection? By law everyone must have their home inspection prior to purchase a given property, so what to be concerned about it?

It is true that everyone or almost everyone has a home inspection done in their present or future home, however, what most people don't know is that nearly 100% of all home inspections are done very superficially, meaning that, most inspectors don't really investigate the most important points of the inspection correctly and accurately.

Before, I move on, let's think about the vital points of an inspection. What are the most important point of an inspection?
1 - Plumbing
2 - Electrical
3 - Infrastructure of the Home
4 - Foundation
5 - Roofing
6 - Everything else in the surrounding area (inside & outside)

What are the most overlooked areas during a home inspection? The areas that are not visible, such as: electrical and plumbing.

What is the cost to repair or replace a home plumbing system? Depending on the size of the project, it care vary from a couple of thousand of dollars up to $15K or even $20K. So, why during the process of purchasing a home, the future homeowner is not educated by his or her real estate agent, the present homeowner or the home inspection?

In part, it is because most of them don't really know the importance of performing a detailed inspection in such areas of the home. Secondly, those people probably know the existence of a bad problem but, they don't want you to know because of the cost involved to repair it and, thirdly, they probably don't know how such an inspection can be done.

So, how to inspect your home plumbing system?

I will give you an answer for that but, I will also give you an valuable advice but, it is up to you whether you will follow it or not. I have saved thousands of dollars to friends of mine and clients alike and, I am not charging you for anything, so, if you think that it is worth it, keep reading.

1 - If you are planning to buying a home, make sure that, you have all the drain plumbing of the house inspected by a professional drain company.

2 - Do not sign any contract before that is done, in fact, request the present homeowner to pay for such inspection, it will cost a couple of hundred dollars but, it will be well worth it, otherwise, you will likely find yourself in the middle of a big problem, a very expensive one.

3 - Drain inspection are done by state of the art technology, major drain companies perform drain inspection with color video camera and, in case that find a problem, they can record it on a DVD and, if you want, they can even locate the problem with a couple more hundred dollars.

4 - Once the drains are fully inspected and, if any problem is detected and located, the drain company can provide you with a accurate bid to repair the problem and, with a bid on your hands, you can go back to the current homeowner and, re-negotiate your proposal.

There are a lot more into this topic but, for now, the above information should be enough to open your eyes before buying a home.

PS: Home plumbing inspection should be performed in every home, it does not matter the age of the home.

Good luck

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