Monday, November 8, 2010

Leaking Faucet

You have a leaking faucet and you don't know what to do?

Faucet leaks is one of the plumbing problems that should never be ignored because it can end up being very costly if nothing is done about it.

Why should you fix the leaking faucet?

Just like any water leak, a faucet leak will waste tremendous amount of water which also result in increase on the water bill.

Another potential problem that could happen is water damage in your home. How can that happen? Well, let's say that, you have a slow sink drain or a plug drain and, you leave home for an extended period of time without fixing the leaking faucet, what could possible happen?

Even though, most water leaks or drips seems to be very insignificant, the reality is that, if the water does not drain, the sink would eventually overflow, which would then cause the water to run on the floor and through the walls.

Most water damage are result of water leaks from a plumbing fixture or pipes inside the home, so, why not repair a leaking faucet as soon as you discovered the problem?

Diy Plumbing vs. Calling an Expert:

Most people are intimidated to fix plumbing problems and, believe me, some plumbing projects should only be done by experts because, it could end up being a nightmare. It could get really complicated specially if you don't know what you really are doing.

How to repair a leaking faucet?

Repairing leaks in general can be easy but, can also be a bit challenging and the same applies to leaking faucet.

The advantage of dealing with faucet leaks is that, most of the plumbing is pretty much exposed, therefore, you can quickly identify the source of the leak and, then determined whether it is fixable or not.

In fact, before fixing the faucet, diagnose the problem to determine if fixing it will resolve the issue or if replacing for a new one is the best option.

Whether you decide to repair or replace the faucet, be prepared to spend between 1 to 2 hours doing the job.

The job is very hard work and very physical demanding, this is because you will have to put yourself in a tight spot under the sink and, if you don't like being in situation like that, you might as well contract a professional to do the work.

If you repair the leaking faucet yourself, you will save around $300 to $500 dollars and could be more depending how fancy you want your faucet to be.

For clear direction to fix a leaking faucet click here: but, if you want to replace your faucet click here:

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